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I want to be daddy to a femboy

2022.01.23 16:04 xtreak_xd I want to be daddy to a femboy

I will hold him as he is sitting on my lap facing me and he has no shirt and i touch his body and beautiful chest and kiss him and show him love
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2022.01.23 16:04 ItIsntComplicated So, I moved my spare parts into the upper shelf of my closet yesterday.

Two inches below the shelf there’s a rod holding my clothing and there was a magnet on it. It was facing up towards the gpu and the gpu was around 5 inches away. I just removed the magnet now. I also have hard drives that were a little bit further away from it. Are my parts gonna be fine? It wasn’t directly on them and there is a wooden platform and the rod the magnet was on separating them.
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2022.01.23 16:04 helgertyred Meta Drugs 🔌 | 100x Potential 🚀Investors Keep Coming💸We Are Growing Fast🌱The Biggest Project Of The 2022💎



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Welcome to your new Addiction 🔌

🔌 https://metadrugsnft.com

🔌 https://twitter.com/metadrugs

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2022.01.23 16:04 SkertSki [Searching] Town Hall 10 | Level 118 | SkertSki| Clan Level 8-10 | Competative

Looking for a clan I can help with clans games. My current clan isn’t going well at all and I don’t think we will make 50000 points. I also am looking for a clan who participated in CWL and likes warring too. I’m an average attacker, but would love to learn from people who can get me a bit stronger. I also have an alt (Town Hall 9 | Level 73 | SkertSkate)
Both my accounts I can get to 4000 points in clan games.
Please get back to me and let me know! Of course I would prefer clans level 10+, but I don’t mind helping a clan grow. I’m loyal and usually stick around for a long time if I’ve found the right clan.
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2022.01.23 16:04 Major_Support907 add me :) 123799567103

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2022.01.23 16:04 Frogsplosion Could use some input with my "Classic EDH" deck pod project.

So, I started playing EDH when it was in it's infancy, and suffice it to say it was a very, very different format before the first commander focused products started hitting store shelves and no one knew what cards were OP in what decks and the internet hadn't really caught on to it. Decks were slower, card selection was much less optimized and the best combo people had come up with was Hinder + Tunnel Vision.
The format is now so different in fact, that I haven't played in years because it simply isn't the same game I used to play and because of that it stopped being fun. The format is faster, more one-sided and frankly more unfriendly than I think it's ever been. That being the case I wanted to dig out my old cards and work on a project, a set of decks I can play with other people, decks that hold to the old style of EDH, when a lot of people couldn't actually afford Sol Ring because it was 15 to 20 bucks, decks were more jank and high speed was a matter of dropping your 6 mana commander on turn 4-5 instead of turn 2-3, where games lasted longer and it was less routine for them to abruptly end in a deflating and unceremonious manner.
So far, these are the deckbuilding strictures I've settled on:

  1. No fast mana.
  2. No free sac outlets.
  3. Instant Kills/Combos severely limited, must allow for at least one full rotation so every player has an opportunity to respond at sorcery speed.
  4. Every deck must be able to answer every deck in some form.
  5. Limit redundancies to increase play variance, including tutors.
  6. Start with the 10 color pairs, if successful, perhaps expand from there.
After that I started to catalogue what I thought were the most interesting themes in every dual color combination that would work for this idea. Some of them are a bit dangerous, like power matters and freecasting, but I think they could theoretically be tuned down to work. I also have no qualms about using modern cards as long as they fit the theme and aren't a huge power problem. Some of the more modern generals do concern me but I'll have to handle that on a deck by deck basis.
G - Lands, Big Mana, Fight, Conspire, Devour, Tokens, Creatures Only, Power Matters.
B/R - Dragon/Reanimator, Pingers, Amplify Damage, Life Manipulation, Freecasting, Discard/Madness, - Counters.
U/R - Pingers, Copy Spells, On Spell Cast, Draw Cards, Artifacts, Theft.
U/G - Copy Creatures, Tokens, + Counters, ETB, Card Draw, Free Casting, Snakes/Voltron.
U/B - Mill/Card Destruction, Theft/Reanimator, Zombies, Leaves The Battlefield/Modular.
G/B - Fungus/Saprolings, -/+ Counters, Elves, Reanimator, Rock/Tokens, Artifact Rock, Lands, Power Matters.
B/W - Life Manipulation, Death Triggers, Reanimator, Tokens, + Counters, Enchantress, Flicker.
G/W - Enchantress/Voltron, FlickeGrave Bounce, Tokens, Fight Wolves, + Counters, Legendary.
U/W - Flying, Tokens, ETB/Flicker, Land Animate, Rebound, Merfolk, Tax.
W/R - Extra Combat Steps, Self Damage/Amplify Damage, Activated Abilities, Fling/Power Matters, Indestructible/ETB, Self Target Spells, Eggs/Dies Triggers, Vehicles.
Now, the area I could use some help with is the following:
(A) Are there any major themes I'm forgetting that could work well for it's particular color pair?
(B) If I'm starting by building one deck of every color pair, I need to figure out which themes have the most interactions with each other to promote a healthy interactive metagame, I don't think pitting G/R, B and G/W decks with no counterspells (though, there are a couple) or spell protection against a U/R spellslinger deck would make for super interactive gameplay.
(C) I could use some input on the more niche themes, as much as I like dracogenius pingers, fungus tribal or kaseto snake voltron. I have to imagine said things are not for everyone, should I avoid them, or lean in harder to make each deck stand out more? My initial thought was to save odd decks for a second round and do the more generic themes first, but I also don't want to end up making a bunch of decks with zero personality.
(D) Power level is an interesting point, I feel like I outlined above some good guidelines, but I'm sure a few mechanics could come along and trip me up. I also would like to put a couple power cards in each deck because I love them, but hamstring them in some way. For example, Survival of the Fittest, but it's close to the only tutor in the deck and there is no line that leads to a combo or big board flood (no Living Death likely). Any staples I should be extremely careful including, and if so what would you recommend?
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2022.01.23 16:04 JackMarley2002 Real or fake?

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2022.01.23 16:04 mayboss Can anyone help me interpret this IR spectrum? Especially the weak stretch around 2500

Can anyone help me interpret this IR spectrum? Especially the weak stretch around 2500 submitted by mayboss to labrats [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 16:04 rabidragon Win a gold Switch in the Singleton Shootout live tournament!

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2022.01.23 16:04 MatchThreadder Match Thread: Novorizontino vs Palmeiras | Campeonato Paulista

1': Novorizontino vs Palmeiras Venue: Estádio Dr. Jorge Ismael de Biasi
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Giovanni, José Walber De Mota De Amorim, Bruno Aguiar, Reverson, Lucas Ramon, Leonardo, Marcinho, João Pedro de Giuli, Michel Douglas Guedes, Danielzinho, Cleo Silva.
Subs: Rodrigo Viana, Isaque Storoli Gavioli, Adilson Goiano, Anderson, Willean Lepu, Douglas Baggio, Bruno, Lucas Mendes, Chrigor, Edson Silva, Leonardo Barcelar, Welinton.
Weverton, Luan, Joaquiin Piquerez Moreira, Gustavo Gómez, Zé Rafael, Danilo, Gustavo Scarpa, Mayke, Rony, Dudu, Raphael Veiga.
Subs: Jorge, Gabriel Veron, Wesley, Jailson, Marcelo Lomba, Eduard Atuesta, Breno, Deyverson, Gabriel Menino, Rafael Navarro Leal, Murilo, Patrick de Paula.
Don't see a thread for a match you're watching? Click here to learn how to request a match thread from this bot.
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2022.01.23 16:04 antheezy2013 Chase Bank on Airline….

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2022.01.23 16:04 upisnotdown That's it, I used my luck for the next 10 fifas

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2022.01.23 16:04 Turbulent-Koala-420 Re-dyeing faded bone

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2022.01.23 16:04 cobratx91 "Luca" = Italian Mark

Did anyone think that "Luca" was just the Italian Mark that just happened to just like the same stuff as Frazier but he was just a phantom - he wasn't real and just floated away at the end.
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2022.01.23 16:04 JoeDaddy310 [WTB] [US-CA] [W] Matrix Audio Element X [H] PAYPAL

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2022.01.23 16:04 theMOESIAH Independent Fact Checkers Told God To Fuck Right Off 🙄

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2022.01.23 16:04 Wrenistired Best movie villain?

I’m curious about which villain from any of the Spider-Man movies is most well loved by fans. If you could say why that would be cool too!
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2022.01.23 16:04 nostalgic_skeleton Scooby doo villain reveal except under the mask there’s another mask and under that mask there’s another mask and..

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2022.01.23 16:04 iguessitsateaparty found this sub about a week ago and decided to take my 7mm plugs out and restretch, the right way this time lol. any tips for “re-beginners”?

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2022.01.23 16:04 Playboi-sharti-x How to manage period pain and fibro pain ?

Feel like I’m going to throw up
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2022.01.23 16:04 ContentForager2 another meme (/r/initiald)

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2022.01.23 16:04 Beautiful_Middle_419 Hoarse voice. Week 3 of sleep training

I am sleep training and night weaning my almost 11 month old. She has been exclusively breastfed and would wake up every 2 hours after a 4 hour stretch. We are on week 3 of sleep training/night weaning and we have seen great improvement. We have dropped one feeding each week. (I do still do a night feeding around 2-3am) but her voice has been hoarse for about 2 weeks now. She no longer cries to put herself to sleep. But was wondering how long before her voice goes back to her normal self? Should I take her to the doctor? Anyone else experience that can comment? Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.23 16:04 Expensive_Map_9281 My account is blocked

My account has been blocked via my IP adress, and I didn't even played the game yet. I already sent an email to [appeal@ncsoft.com](mailto:appeal@ncsoft.com) yesterdey, I got an automatic response today, but seen the forums about that exact problem, it seems irreversible.
But maybe if I can prove not doing a "suspicious activity" I get my account back and play the game for the first time.
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2022.01.23 16:04 FURRYPORN42069 is there such thing as a business that doesnt want a union not because "muh union bad" but because they dont want their working conditions to get to the point where a union would be needed?

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