Tyler the Creator Full Louis Vuitton Album "The Sunseeker"

2022.01.23 16:10 prodSB Tyler the Creator Full Louis Vuitton Album "The Sunseeker"

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2022.01.23 16:10 DeadyDeadshot I wish Carbon never ever existed.

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2022.01.23 16:10 cyclone_madge We did it. We're finally homeowners. I want to feel excited, but I just feel deflated and kind of sick.

After the better part of a decade paying below-market rent in his parents' basement suite, so that I could go back to school and secure a decent job and we could save up a good downpayment, my partner and I decided to start the process of finding a home of our own. Between the two of us, we make pretty decent money. And because he's been working a ton of overtime for the past several years (8 hours nearly every Saturday, and often 2 hours of OT on weekdays), and because we were able to save so much thanks to his parents, we got approved for close to $1 million.
But we're not stupid. We didn't want to end up in a situation where we'd struggle to get by or even lose our home if his overtime dries up, one of us becomes unable to work, the interest rates skyrocket, etc. So we set out budget at $500k, a little over half of what we were approved for.
We live in the YVR area, and his work is location-dependent, so we knew we wouldn't be able to get even an old, tiny detached house without adding hours a day to his commute. So we restricted our search to condos and townhouses. Our must-haves were, we thought, pretty reasonable: 1,000 sq ft or more, 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, in-suite laundry, secure parking, a sunroom or balcony (if not a yard), and strata bylaws that allow at least one small dog. There were a lot of places listed at $500k or less that checked all our boxes. We were excited to start looking.
And then we started looking, and it turned out the cake was a lie. Those $500k condos were in terrible condition, came with massive looming special levies and/or were selling for way over asking. So we raised our budget by $100k and lowered our expectations. Instead of a 2nd bedroom, we could make do with a den as long as it's big enough for a sofabed. (We've already decided to forgo kids. We just want a place that my mom can sleep when she visits from up north.) We decided that we didn't really need a 2nd bathroom or a balcony/sunroom. We were willing, if necessary, to give up the ability to own a dog since we don't actually have one yet. (We've been waiting until we're actually in our own place before we adopt one.) We lowered our size requirement to 750 sq ft. But we refused to budge on the secure parking and in-suite laundry.
We continued to look. We found a place in the suburbs that we really liked. It felt like home. It checked all our boxes and then some, so we offered $60k over asking, despite the fact that we'd have to pay a levy of $50k in the next 2-3 years to do the building envelope. And we got outbid by $55k. Turns out that pretty much everything in that area is selling for 20% or more over asking. We crossed that area off our list and started really looking at market trends to figure out what parts of Metro Vancouver we could actually afford to live in.
And finally, after months of searching, we finally found a place. A 760 sq ft apartment in a 30+ year old low-rise in the suburbs that, amazingly, checks all our boxes. It has a 2nd bedroom (though a sofabed will pretty much fill the whole room when it's in use, and will probably block access to the closet). It has two full bathrooms (though the ensuite just has a half-size walk-in shower). It has in-suite laundry, parking, a small balcony, and the strata voted to allow dogs (with restrictions) at the last AGM. The neighbourhood is safe and quiet, but only 5-10 minutes by car or bus to all the places we'd shop at regularly. The unit easily passed inspection, with the report suggesting only a few small bits of maintenance and an eventual (but not urgent) update of the cabinets and plumbing, which are all original but still in good condition. Best of all, all of the major work on the building has been done in the last decade or so, and the strata is proactive and maintains a good contingency fund, so any extra costs in the near future will be negligible. And we got it for just slightly more than our original budget.
So I should be ecstatic, right? Aside from the size (which is roughly half of what we'd like to have if we were in a position to be choosy), we didn't have to make any major compromises. Our payments will be low enough that I could lose my job and my partner could lose his overtime, and we'd still be able to manage by being very careful about our living costs. It's objectively a really good deal given the reality of the housing market right now.
But half a million dollars! For a small, older, 2-bedroom condo in the suburbs?? Five or six years ago, a 1,300 sq ft rancher on his parents' street sold for the same price. Two months ago, an almost identical rancher on the same street sold for almost $1.2 million. If we'd started moving on this process just five years earlier, we could have bought a whole actual house! Today, we're priced out of even townhouses aside from a few run-down ones in super sketchy neighbourhoods.
And the place we got? While it's a good value for the money, we felt a ton of (self-imposed) pressure to buy it even though it's far from our 'dream home.' Sure, we might have been able to find something even better if we'd kept looking.... or we might have completely screwed ourselves. Condo prices have been increasing steadily by 1-2% a month, and if we'd waited much longer, we could have been stuck paying even more for only a 1-bedroom.
So while I'm glad that we got something before being completely priced out by rising prices or high interest rates, and while I know we're incredibly lucky to be in this position at all when most of our friends are not and may never be, I can't help feeling like the excitement we should be enjoying right now is tainted - both by the amount of money we're spending to get so little, and by the fact that we could've had something so much better if we'd just acted a few years sooner. Turns out, even if you do manage to buy a home it can still kind of suck.
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2022.01.23 16:10 wonderingandthinking Providing liquidity vs farms?

I’m trying to understand providing liquidity and farms and what you get from both. In order to provide liquidity, do you have to create lp tokens? And once you create lp tokens what do you receive on an ongoing basis?
In order to join a farm, you need to have created lp tokens, right? And if you then join a farm, do you receive anything for your lp tokens and/or the tokens in the pair or are you only receiving vvs?
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2022.01.23 16:10 Akrincheus_ My brother called me a weeb :-(

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2022.01.23 16:10 KBriller 10 years with an account. Here was one of the top funny posts from the year I joined.

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2022.01.23 16:10 Origin_of_ending can someone explain the political stuff in httt?

i've seen comments saying "he's literally talking to america here" or stuff like "hes mad at george w bush". id just like to understand what thats all about. (i wasnt alive in 2003 so im clueless)
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2022.01.23 16:10 shalyar Solana's Incessant Network Outages Could Prove Disastrous For SOL's Mainstream Adoption

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2022.01.23 16:10 roundcucumber_007 Pikachu v union deck help

I have little to no experience with deck building. I started building an electric type Pikachu v union deck. It's been going well so far but I think the deck can be much better. I'd appreciate it alot if you guys could give me some tips. Thanks in advance!!!
Deck list :
****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******
Pokémon - 17

Trainer Cards - 26 Energy - 17 Total Cards - 60
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2022.01.23 16:10 Zimtschock I think a Pyrocynical video on Dark would be amazing

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2022.01.23 16:10 RepentHarlequin1171 Killing Jacob

Lots of people on here say they kill Jacob because they don't like his character. I do it because it leads to this conversation:
Shepard: I'm here to help. Open the door.
Dr. Brynn Cole, an ex-Cerberus scientist in an ex-Cerberus facility full of other ex-Cerberus scientists who are all still wearing their Cerberus uniforms: No way. You used to work for Cerberus.
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2022.01.23 16:10 JaniDJ Need help with my Printer

Need help with my Printer I need your help fellow 3D Printers. My Ender 3 v2 doesn't produce decent prints any more. I've tried several tweaks to fix the problem, but wasn't able to fix it yet. Maybe someone of you knows what's wrong with my printer and can help me. Or at least lead me in the right direction. Thank you in advance.
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2022.01.23 16:10 Huntery0 Daily Pekora #99 (@Nery_FN)

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2022.01.23 16:10 jen64jam Prize room #5

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2022.01.23 16:10 Wisd_Om Truth or Dare, What will you pick and why?

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2022.01.23 16:10 basothoexpress My money is on Mansoor for the upset win. Then gets squashed in the rematch during the next Smackdown/Raw show.

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2022.01.23 16:10 Id0ntunderstandj0kes What is the hardest thing you have done?

Just wanna know what the hardest thing people did, I feel like I never really do anything hard but my hardest thing was beating Isshin The Sword Saint
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2022.01.23 16:10 xstkovrflw Is Larry Wheel cursed?

People that train with him seem to get absolutely rekt by injuries.
What you say?
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2022.01.23 16:10 Desolecontra What’s an album from the past you think would still be ahead of its time if it came out today?

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