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Sunday Read: Things to consider before quitting your job

2022.01.23 15:22 coocoocachoo2222 Sunday Read: Things to consider before quitting your job

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2022.01.23 15:22 Fio_Bla Boris Johnson VS Brexit Reality

Boris Johnson VS Brexit Reality
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The honor of being the first to post here is mine and I accept it with great joy.
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2022.01.23 15:22 verubee Dota plus and quality of games

Did anyone else experience their games going signatifically worse after cancelling their sub of dota plus? I feel like the players im getting in my team are a lot worse (or toxic) ever since I did (I have 10k score btw)
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2022.01.23 15:22 DOIPI_96 My wall with purple light

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2022.01.23 15:22 TheArkhomDestroyer Omori X Touhou: The Border Between Dream and Reality Chapter 2 Part 4

Read from the start
Part 3
The Border Between Dream and Reality Chapter 2: The Otherworldly Space Case ~ Somewhere Above The Clouds Part 4 POV: Sunny Sora
“Holy shit, that lady is fuckin’ freaky!” Aubrey shouts now that we’re certain we’re out of sight and earshot.
“Well, given how Yukari presented herself along with her role and Sunny telling us about how she acted in Doremy’s memory, I can’t say she isn’t exactly justified in acting intimidating.” Hero says, trying to stay calm for the rest of us.
“So… I don’t really read any Japanese mythology stuff, do yokai eat people?” Kel says.
”Shut the fuck up, Kel.”
“Depends on the type of yokai. Yukari’s description of her power doesn’t match any description of any type of yokai I’ve read about in Koizumi Yakumo’s translations of Japanese myths, but given how she acts, I’ll say hopefully not, but probably yes.” I respond.
Can’t hear you! Shut the fuck up! Lalalala!” Aubrey shouts while covering her ears.
“Oh, stop being a baby. If Yukari wanted to make us into human-sirloin steaks, she’d just kill us out right rather than using us for some kind of experiment.” I say, in a somewhat reassuring tone.
“Are you even listening to yourself?! That insane bitch put us in your head with no regard to if we’ll live through this clusterfuck of a world!”
“Aubrey, chill, there’s no need to throw around insults at someone who’s essentially a god.”
“Fuck you! No I won’t! You’re not helping! Why the hell aren’t any of you freaking out?!”
“I’m really good at hiding my panic.” Hero says.
“I’m still processing the fact that multiple worlds exist.” Kel says somewhat smugly.
“I already talked with Yukari, remember? Besides, she isn’t a spider or water, so it’s not like I have an irrational fear of her. I’ll probably have a panic attack once everything that’s happened regarding finally sets in.” I say.
“…Sunny, you desperately need to get your priorities straight.” Aubrey sighs.
“Hey, you might be right, but it’s better than constantly pissing myself in fear.”
“Oh, shut up and slash those cones.”
“Fine.” I say as a strike the traffic cone, “Happy?”
Alright, if I remember correctly, a robot thing should drop down to the entrance to the next area in 3, 2, 1…
And there it is.
“Kel, get up on that platform and throw some balls at the weak point on its forehead. And before you say you only have one ball, check your pockets, you have a hammerspace worth of balls there. If you ask hammerspace is another layer of Headspace, imma be pissed.”
“Okay…? And of course I know what a hammerspace is, I’ve watched cartoons. ” Kel rummages around his pockets before stopping when he grabs something unfamiliar to him, “Huh?”
Kel pulls out a baseball and American football from each of his pockets.
Kel throws away the football and makes his way up to the platform.
“Hey batter batter hey bat-“
“Throw the ball!” Aubrey shouts.
Kel pitches the baseball at a great enough speed to hear it whistling in the wind as it flys into the robot’s weak point.
And there’s the way to progress.
Through the gate, up the ladder to the top of the storage units, right, left, right, down the latter, left, right, right, left, reach into the toilet, and…
You got Ramen!
“Oh right, I forgot about the Shark Plane.”
“How do you forget about a Shark Plane.” Everyone says in sync.
“I just really wanted that ramen.”
Kel sighs at my simple minded goal of getting some good, cheap food and tosses his ball at the Shark Plane, catching it as it ricochets back to him, and passes it to me- WAIT WHAT?!
“Sunny, heads up!”
…It smacks me in the face and bounces back to the Shark Plane, hitting it again.
SUNNY feels Sad.
“Ow…” I say while holding the spot on my head the ball hit me, followed by soft, pathetic whimpering. Wait, I’m Sad… perfect!
I run up and stab the Shark Plane, dealing massive damage. Thank god for being the buttmonkey for once!
Aubrey’s up this time, she just hits the thing with her new hammer.
The Shark Plane charges at Hero and chomps his left arm.
“Hey, get off!” Hero shouts as he delivers a firm haymaker to it jaw.
“Bro! You good?!”
“Just fine, Kel, we’ve been hit by worse in the last hour, so this is nothing.”
Kel’s turn comes up again, deciding to end this fight quickly, he runs and ‘guns’ the enemy with his basketball, taking it out for good.
“Look, I just like ramen, alright.”
“You don’t have to preemptively excuse yourself…” Aubrey groans while lightly facepalming.
Double back, two rights, into the container, avoid the Dial-Up, and up the ladders.
You got Binoculars!
“Kel, take these.” I say as I toss the pair to him.
“You’re the only person with multi target attacks, this’ll keep you from missing and wasting Juice.”
“Ah, got it… but what about my Pet Rock? It has to count as a piece of equipment, right?”
I flick the menu back open, go to Kel’s equipment, and see to absolutely no one’s surprise, it does nothing for stats.
“It’s useless and you can’t use both at the same time.”
“Kel, who’s the one here with knowledge of this world’s battle system?”
Kel, begrudgingly and mumbling his grievances, unequips his Pet Rock and equips the Binoculars.
“Sunny, you don’t have to be rude about telling Kel what to do.” Hero says in a returning, disappointed tone.
“But it sure as hell is funny.” Aubrey says while folding her arms with a cocky grin.
“You’re not helping.”
Yeah, I should probably try to be a bit nicer, don’t wanna burn the few bridges I have left.
“Got it, sorry Kel, let’s get moving.”
”That didn’t sound sincere at all…”
Take a left than a right, out the door, straight forward, right, right, up the ladder, and there’s the Moon and a joke poster.
I glance over the poster and start reading it aloud, “Did you hear about the restaurant on the Moon? There’s great food, but no atmosphere.”
Buh-dum, Tsss
A rim shot?
I let out a slight chuckle. Kel and Aubrey on the other hand…
“Booo! Get better material!” Kel says.
“But I like puns.” I say.
“Puns are the lowest form of comedy.” Aubrey says jokingly to egg me on.
“At least I actually have a sense of humor.”
“Alright, you three, that’s enough, you can debate whether or not you sense of humor is… good later. But, hey, check out the Moon, it’s uh, nice looking?” Hero says, trying to end a pointless argument before it begins.
“Huh, yeah.” Kel says as he jumps on the couch.
“Eh, screw it.” Aubrey says as she joins him, followed by Hero and I joining as well.
Yep, that’s a moon… looks nice… that’s enough for now.
Yeah, you get the drill by now, we get off the couch and go back to the initial divergence point and take a right, than another right after reaching the end of the hallway, up the ladder, another right, out the container turn the corners twice, and slash the cones.
“On it.”
She break the cube and there’s the D Key, eh, it’s not like I can lose this game of Hangman, most of the incorrect keys are in obscure or inaccessible places, such as the 3rd floor of the Food Pyramid or Snowglobe Mountain, so there’s probably no harm in grabbing it.
“No hole this time?” Kel asks.
“Nah, it’s not needed for the answer, but I have a strange feeling we’re gonna need it later.” I respond.
Down the ladder, take a left, tap the melon, and…
You got Meteor Ball!
“Kel, catch.” I say while tossing the ball to him, flinching at the brief moment it illuminated with multicolor flames.
“Woah! This is, uh, surprisingly light. What is this?“
“A meteor.”
“Cool! Now I have the power of the cosmos on my side!”
“Guess that makes two of us now.” Aubrey says while tapping her hammer against her shoulder.
“So, what, am I gonna get some boxing gloves with stars on them?” Hero asks in a jokey tone.
“No, you don’t get a weapon here, Hero.” I say.
“Oh, so I’ll get weapons in other areas?”
“Are you comfortable with fighting with cooking utensils?”
“…I-I think I’ll stick to my fists.”
“I’ll take that as a no.”
Up the latter and… ah screw it, I want to save time. I take a step off the container and prepare for the fall.
“Hey, dumbass, what did I say about this whole killing yourself thing?” Aubrey says as she grips my arm with a single hand.
“The fall isn’t too bad and the bush’ll break my fall, I’ll be fine.” I say pointing down to said bush.
Aubrey lets go and I jump, a firm crackle from the leaves can be heard as I land, followed by Aubrey, than Kel, and finally Hero.
“Shut up.”
We head south, crossing through the gate and take a left at the divergence.
Ah fuck yeah, giant cheese.
“Sunny, my lactose intolerance isn’t gonna allow me to eat that.” Kel says in an exasperated voice.
“Don’t worry, when there’s an obtuse obstacle, there’s a deus ex machina we can pull out of nowhere.” I say before pointing to Hero, “Hero, reach into your pockets.”
“Alright…?” Hero reaches into his left pocket and finds a whistle, “Sure, fine, whatever…”
Hero blows into the whistle.
And here comes Ems.
“Hello, Friends! It’s me, Ems… the-“
“Eat the cheese!” I say to hurry this along.
“Wh- oh, wow, Hero, how’d you know it was my favorite.”
Hero catches himself from questioning this situation and simply says, “It was a lucky guess. E-Enjoy!”
Ems gobbles the thing up in seconds to the shock of everyone.
Ems yawns, “That was sat-“
“Yeah, whatever, Kel, chuck a ball at that Sprout Mole in the pink, this’ll help us avoid a chase sequence.” I say while pointing at Rosa.
“On it!” Kel pulls out a football, “Hike!”
The football knocks Rosa into the garbage.
JUMP HER!!!” I shout.
Kel chucks his Meteor Ball at Rosa with full force, hitting straight to the heart.
My turn, time to hack away! I slice Rosa three times, dealing major damage.
Aubrey wallops Rosa with her hammer and looks to me. She smacks Rosa again.
Rosa says something, but it’s muffled by the trash in her mouth.
Hero ends it with a jumping uppercut, sending Rosa flying into the stars.
”WHY ME!?!”
“Well, that was certainly something.” Kel says in a sort of confused tone.
“I feel kinda bad for her…” Hero sighs.
“Trust me, you won’t once we get to Sweetheart’s castle.” I say.
I brush off the trash from my knife, ah damn, it’s losing its shine, turn to the rest of the party, and say “The mixtape is over in the next room, but we’re gonna need to do some dumpsters diving and it seems two people at most are able to fit in that heap. 1 2 3, not it.”
“Not it!” Kel says enthusiastically
“Not- fuck.” Aubrey grumbles.
“Guess we’re doing that together.” Hero says to make her feel a bit better about the situation.
Over to the next room, there’s the trash heap with thing we’re looking for.
“Have fun you two.” I say smugly.
“Will do.” Hero says optimistically.
Aubrey, somewhat jokingly, somewhat genuinely, flips me off with a bit of a grin as she and Hero start walking towards the trash.
Kel and I sit down.
“So, uh, earlier Hero mentioned something about Spaceboy’s current disposition bring back bad memories, what’s up with that?” I say.
Kel lets out a sigh, “Yeah, it’s a whole thing. Hero just sorta stopped caring after Mari… y’know. None of us really stopped thinking about her even if it feels like it’s been more than a few years. I mean, I started doing all that sports stuff and this whole self improvement thing cause I thought she wouldn’t want to see me in constant self pity and Hero decided to be a doctor to prevent what happened to her from happening to others, but before all that, it was like he just lost all his ability to properly function. He barely left his bed, stopped going to school, and didn’t eat that much for about a year. He was alive, but we wasn’t living if you get what I mean. I guess he saw a bit of how he was in Spaceboy… friend.”
“Yeah… yeah, I get that. I was and, to a certain extent, still am like that. It’s just kinda hard to get any passionate about anything when someone so close to you dies, a lot of what I’m doing right now is mostly being fueled by survival instinct. Hero really did love Mari. Though he seems to be doing at least somewhat better now, why’s that?”
“Well, uh, I decided to actually confronted him about how he was acting after pretty much everyone in our family tried to get him out of his rut and might’ve said something like of ‘would Mari want to see you like this’ along with a whole bunch of other stuff and he blew up at me. I don’t exactly remember everything he said to me, mostly cause I blocked it, but I do remember how loud he was, how his eyes became so bloodshot, how much he was crying, how I made things so much worse when I tried to calm him down, and how I started crying soon after because I was just so scared of him in that moment. Our parents heard the screaming and crying and rushed in to calm him down, completely ignoring me.” Kel says with a soft chuckle, “Guess that’s what I get for being the 2nd favorite child at the time and I’m not sure where I place now . I guess after that, Hero snapped out of it and rushed over to me to make sure everything was okay. He just hugged me and started apologizing over and over. After that whole little stint, he got back into the swing of things aside from being a bit more closed off, I’m just glad my brother’s doing better.”
I place my hand on Kel’s shoulder and give him a little pat, “You’re a good brother, Kel, and your gonna be an even better one once we get outta here. Oh, and sorry for being an ass earlier.”
Kel turns to me and give a small smile, “Thanks, man, you’re a good friend, it’s been a lotta fun going on this adventure with you and everyone else so far, despite the circumstances with Basil.”
Aubrey walks up to us and tosses a cassette tape at me, “Is this it? Cause if it’s not, I’m gonna smother that emo piece of shit with his pillow.”
I look over it, in bright, purple and neon green letters on the label reads ‘CAPTAIN SPACEBOY’S SPECIAL MIXTAPE TO HIS BELOVED SWEETHEART’ with a small, poorly drawn doodle of Sweetheart and Spaceboy kissing at the bottom of the label. Turning over the cassette to the B-Side, there’s yet another label that reads ‘SPACE BOYFRIEND’S EPIC BATTLE MIXTAPE FOR COOL FIGHTS AGAINST LAME HEROES’ in hot pink and neon cyan letters with another doodle of an angry Space Boyfriend pointing his ray gun at the reader. Seeing this through my own eyes rather than Omori’s makes me realize how dumb this thing looks, prompting me to hold back some laughter.
“Well, that’s good. Is there a shower nearby? I think the both of us want to get rid of this stench.” Hero says, emerging from the trash.
“I mean, maybe the stench’ll be gone after we go back to White Space.”
“That’s-“ Aubrey gags, “reassuring. Let’s head back.”
10 Minutes Later
“Lady Yukari, are you sure you are okay? I believe you should go back home now, rest is incredibly important.”
As the four of us backtrack to the entrance we once again return to Mari’s picnic where we see a woman with… nine fox tails, so she’s also probably from Gensokyo.
“I am… fine, Ran.” Yukari says swaying left and right from exhaustion, “Just one more hour and I’ll leave the rest to you.”
You should really listen to her, I’ve never seen you, or really anyone, this tired before.” Mari says with this weird echo to her voice.
“Uh… excuse us.” I say.
The fox tailed woman, presumably named Ran, and Mari notices us.
“The subjects of your experiment have returned, my Lady.”
“Oh, Sunny, Aubergine, Kelsey, Henry, welcome-“ Yukari yawns and doses off, huh, she actually looks really at peace when she’s asleep, like there’s a sort of innocence that wasn’t initially there.
“Of course.” Ran sighs.
“So are you gonna introduce yourself or what?” Kel asks as we go to sit at the picnic blanket.
“My sincerest apologies, my name is Ran Yakumo, a humble shikigami of Lady Yukari.”
“Huh, never took Yukari to be into fox women.” Aubrey says somewhat jokingly.
“This again? You outsiders have no concept of shikigami and what goes in to the formation of a contract.”
“…So are you two married or what?” Kel says.
“No, whilst my mistress has laid with many a man and woman through the centuries, be it human or yokai, throughout the centuries, I have not been of them.”
“So you’re jealous?” I ask.
“And is Yuyuko one of her ex’s?” Mari asks… the hell’s Yuyuko… oh, maybe Yukari was talking to her about the people of Gensokyo before we met up with her again and this Yuyuko person is someone Yukari knows… maybe?
”Guys, isn’t this a bit of an invasion of privacy?”
Ran looks at Mari and I, showing no emotions other than irritation.
“Are all outsiders like this, incessantly assuming the interpersonal relationships of others they know nothing about? As for your questions, no, I do not desire any form of romance, to Sora’s question, and to answer your question, Yozora, Lady Yukari and Yuyuko were in a romantic relationship when Yuyuko was alive, ultimately being her final lover after she passed away before deciding that having those kinds of bonds were not for the type of yokai she was.”
“Welp, that just sorta killed them mood.” I mumble.
“Now if you will ask me actual questions or wish to have a real conversation, please speak.”
“If I remember correctly, a shikigami is the Japanese equivalent of a familiar in western mythologies, right?”
“So, why are you here?” Hero asks.
“I’ll be taking Lady Yukari’s place when Sumireko’s group arrives, which should be soon given that she just fell asleep. By my calculations, Sumireko and Doremy should be waiting in that void of pure white for Renko and Maribel to fall to sleep or at least they should be within the hour.”
“They’re going to be in White Space?!” I yell.
“Five more minutes…”
“Yes, now be quite.”
Okayokayokay, this is fine. I-I-I mean, they don’t seem like bad people, AND, and as long as they don’t get involved with the deeper goings on of Headspace, they should be safe. I mean, it’s not like she’s gonna be approached by the Stranger or anything.
…Oh shit, she’s who the Stranger was talking about at the docks, he’s gonna try and recruit Sumireko’s group for something. Fucking greaaaaaat…
“I don’t think we have much to ask, Yukari told us everything we want to know about Gensokyo.”
“I see… well, enjoy your adventure. Until we meet again.”
“Yeah, same to you.”
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2022.01.23 15:22 Curlydoos 75lb dog ate about 4 or 5 grapes. What should I do next?

I was getting a bowl of grapes and I ended up spilling some on the floor. Did my dog eat enough for me to be worried? Either way, what should I do next?
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2022.01.23 15:22 throwawayaccount8713 I envy neurotypicals

I hate being disabled, I hate having this shitty target (disabled), it makes me feel useless, I'm trying all the possible to mask my autism, I rarely be in burnouts, I don't stim, I get jokes even if I hate them, never repeated words after I/someone said that, I'm trying my best to show some facial emotions to show (easier now because there's covid so I can hide my facial emotions with my mask), never got epileptic attacks in my entire life but I'm very introvert and I have the same food taste of a 5 year-old-kid (picky eating), sometimes I even tried to eat what I don't like to look more adult for a long time even when I'm disgusted (idc if I'm not showing the real myself, I'd rather not being myself but being rispected than being myself and getting hated by the 95% of people).
Sadly autistic people are one of the minorities that are still hated today meanwhile other minorities (LGBTQA+, non white-people etc.) nowadays reached a point were (finally) are not judged anymore like in the past (unless you live in a third world country ofc), a lot of people (even some really famous ones, Sia is a perfect example for this) are ableist, looks like that people don't care about autistic people
I would never have a kid, I don't want to inherit to my son/daughter autism, there's nothing wrong with being autistic but I don't want them to suffer in this shitty society were ableism is still really widespread
There's nothing that I envy more than the NTs, I really wish I was Neurotypical (non-autistic), my life woud be way but way easier
I'm tired of suffering
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2022.01.23 15:22 LetAsleep619 What are some canceled TV series that deserve a comeback?

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2022.01.23 15:22 djskipe G29 not compatible with Windows 11?

Hi guys, i have installed Windows 2 days ago and today i put my G29 in usb.
Now G29 are available in Device Management but not appear in Logitech Gaming Software and G Hub.
Can you help me to fix?
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2022.01.23 15:22 whyicantputuser Cursed_vocabulary

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2022.01.23 15:22 rumars_inquestion I'm not sure about gender?

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2022.01.23 15:22 promotmyccontents Kucoin Referral code QBSSSPU4 for 30% Discount on all your trading fees. Use refer code at sign up screen! New users can Also can claim FREE USDT welcome gift and learning task bonus

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2022.01.23 15:22 sleep-over661 📢We are happy to announce our AMA being hosted by Real Country Club Alex Park, Head of Marketing at Venice Finance, USC, 7 years FinTech Professional, will be discussing Venicefinance in general and roadmap ahead!

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