🙀🙀🙀help! just noticed my strato horns don’t line up (see pic)! does this effect playability or the toan.???

2022.01.23 14:44 pootermun 🙀🙀🙀help! just noticed my strato horns don’t line up (see pic)! does this effect playability or the toan.???

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2022.01.23 14:44 Effingehh Wtf is it with this show?

I just finished my 4th rewatch and started to miss Tony so I just started it over again. James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano is just one of the most terrific character performances ever. He truly created a person that feels so real and relatable it just goes beyond words.
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2022.01.23 14:44 Physical_Walrus_1763 Got This on Battle 7

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2022.01.23 14:44 schneckedertzchen Die Straßenmusikerin

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2022.01.23 14:44 tcoc09 What. How?

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2022.01.23 14:44 rharmelink Newly Free Horror Kindle Book Lists for 2022-01-23

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2022.01.23 14:44 HandOfKhonshu Snowy Sunday around the house.

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2022.01.23 14:44 Successful-Bison-174 What is the point of looking at mot history?

Looking at a new purchase and done my usual hpi, Service history and mot check. It occurs to me I don’t actually know what I’m looking for - I mostly just look to see if there’s anything major but it’s never more than wear and tear.
For example this car has the following:
Pass at 17k With a worn tyre Pass at 25k, No advisory Pass at 31K with rear brake pads Pass at 37k, no advisory Pass at 47K, No advisory Pass at 54k, No advisory Pass at 64K, No advisory Pass at 71K, Worn tyre Pass at 77K, Brake discs & Pads worn.
By most peoples reckoning, it’s immaculate. Yet I see some people say it needs to have no advisory’s on every mot.
Considering I’ve never seen anything but wear and tear on an advisory, I’m starting to think unless there’s no point looking, as long as it’s been fixed by the next one what’s the issue - Nobody’s going to check if brakes are worn untill they’re told, which is effectively the point of an mot
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2022.01.23 14:44 SpanishMeme No necesito la ayuda de nadie

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2022.01.23 14:44 holidayhoobitywhaty No stress job ideas while using GI benefits?

I’m looking for job ideas to help bridge the financial gap between expenses and my GI bill BAH + Disability. I’m looking to work minimum hours (15-20/WK) and put in minimum effort or brain power. I really need a mental break and school is gonna sap a lot of energy out of me. What did you guys do for work or what ideas do you have beyond basic retail/food service jobs? Located in SD if you have any specific jobs in mind
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2022.01.23 14:44 Pleasant_Bug_3459 Fnaf theory of my own

MatPat's theory that says that vannessa is baby because her eyes are black, but if you look at the blob you see that the puppet's eyes are also black, does that mean that they have passed on, or did they possess something else? If baby is vannessa, then is Gregory the puppet? He seems very mad and wants to destroy anything afton related...
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2022.01.23 14:44 Diode71 Bowser

bowser — NOUN 1. (now chiefly Australia and New Zealand) A fuel metering/delivery pump at a filling station. 2. A road vehicle (often a trailer) for the transport of liquid fuel, particularly aviation fuel at an airfield. 3. (Britain) A mobile water tank deployed to distribute fresh water in emergency situations where the normal system of piped distribution has broken down or is insufficient. 4. (Ireland, slang, used in the vocative) A buffoon or imbecile. 5. A surname​.

  1. From Bowser (“a surname”), after Sylvanus Bowser, US inventor of the first fuel pump; also a trade name of SF Bowser inc., the inventor’s company.
Source: AED 11.2
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2022.01.23 14:44 chucklingx What if you built a house that was only heated by a proportionately sized bathtub in every room, or a bathtub river that ran through the house?

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2022.01.23 14:44 DaHick 1950 Betty crocker richer biscuits

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2022.01.23 14:44 insanecorgiposse Plant a seed, grow a corgi.

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2022.01.23 14:44 urstickur Some of the threads from my gauze got stuck in the stiches on the (penis) wound - is this dangerous?

I'm going to the doc's office in the morning (in about 12-13 hours) to have him take them out just in case - is it dangerous to wait until then? I cut the gauze off, I just left the threads that got stuck and covered up the wound with another gauze.
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2022.01.23 14:44 BFDI_Rocky Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke Part 9 - A Second Elite Gauntlet

Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke Part 9 - A Second Elite Gauntlet
You know those times where you know you’re about to do something stupid and do it anyway? That’s me most of the time but especially now. I’ve been up for almost 24 hours straight and I’m going to challenge the elite 4 in this state. What could go wrong? And it’s actually the Elite 4 this time, no Kanto Elite 7 nonsense. Wait, but this is technically still in Kanto so does that mean that I still have to face the Elite 7 and great I’m already thinking about this too much. I was also going to do the team recap thing that I did last time but my screenshots got overwritten and I’m sad now.
I check my PC and realize that I have no PP restoring items, which I was going to bring just in case I needed ‘em. And that is when this idea went from bad to horrible. I just enter the first the first Elite 4 chamber and battle the first elite 4 member, Kel. The lead Kingdra startled me, but it went down in 2 Thunder Punches which I should remind are limited now. The Electabuzz goes down in 3 Headbutts. Next was Nidoqueen, but Mar. Next was Poliwrath, which went down to a single thunder punch and finally was another Kingdra which Shiny Am:) was able to defeat. One down, 3 to go

Next was Mark, oh hey I know this guy! First out was Dugtrio and you already know what happens to Pokemon weak to water. Next was a Parasect that got incinerated by BackFl. Next is Hitmonchan which I’m pretty sure belongs to the next guy, not you. Regardless, BackFl is able to take it down. Next was Machamp which again pretty sure that’s the next guy’s. Regardless, Not Ramune. Last is Forretress which I’m pretty sure can go boom. Because of this, I burn a full restore to get BackFl in at full health but it didn’t matter in the end and one Fire Punch was enough to take the thing down.

Okay, I can get Team Rocket being Artists again but I genuinely want to know the odds of Bruno being Naoto for a second time in a row. I have 185 possible custom names on this list! Before the battle, excuse me Naoto I have a report of 2 stolen Pokemon, the guy that stole them lives literally one room away from you. Okay, battle time. First up is Tauros, which BackFl is able to take care of. Next was Rapidash but Mar. Next was Victreebel, which Batd took care of.. Next was Piloswine and it was probably dumb to keep Bard in but that hasn’t stopped me before and it works out. But I’m stupid and keep Batd in against a Dewgong that knew Ice Beam.

In my defense Gen 2 was a time where level up movesets were still pretty bad so I thought it had Aurora Beam or something weaker. I had logic, it was just really bad logic. And remember that I haven’t gotten any sleep for a while. Shiny Am:) finished the job, but this could be bad. I’m starting to regret this. I knew I’d regret it too, yet I went through with it anyway. There’s something wrong with me.

Last in the Elite 4 is the only valid Karen aka Waluigi. First was Bellossom, but Not Ramune took care of it in 2 Psychics. Next was Alakazam, and I risked Heem to a crit which was stressful, I’m not going into this champion fight with only 4 Pokemon, y’hear? I switch back to Not Ramune and a Swift gets the KO. Next is Mr. Mime, I guess you’re just a psychic type elite 4 member now, I thought we were supposed to fight someone like that 3 rooms ago. After switching to Mar then BackFl I knock it out and next is Magmar and Mar almost dies because I’m an idiot. Last is Pinsir which luckily went down in one shot. It used Swords Dance which could’ve just been GG had I not OHKO’d. Waluigi then says the quote I was trying to quote 2 parts ago and I am inspired and tired. Really only just tired.

Last is the Pokemon League Champion, but I haven’t seen Lance from the Elite 4 in the Elite 4, where he go? I enter the Champion’s chamber where I see the man himself, the guy from the Elite 4 Lance. However, the Lance name was a fake this whole time, Lance’s true name is… Wayne. He’s also a Darkener. First is Machamp, and man am I grateful that I lead with Not Ramune. Next was Tyrantiar, which was pretty scary. Luckily, Mar powered through and slayed the pseudo legend. Next was Victerebel, and BackFl showed no mercy. Then was Blastoise, so I had to switch to Shiny Am:) and it actually knew no water type moves, and Bite couldn’t flinch me to death so it went down. Then came Blissey. Blissey on enemy trainers is just free EXP so thanks. Last was Kingdra. It was a battle between who could spam full restores better. Shiny Am:) was at low HP, a flinch or Crit could be devastating because for whatever reason its best attacking move is Twister. It fires off a Twister, and…

I win. The guy who’s killed a man was defeated by me. The hall of fame doors open, until suddenly! A news reporter has appeared!
After getting into the Hall of Fame room, I register my team and I’m officially the Pokemon League Champion, again… In the same region… So since I’ve become the champion, this is the end… Or is it? Kanto coming if I actually feel like it, which is honestly leading towards no right now but I still haven’t gone to sleep as of writing this
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2022.01.23 14:44 whirlsofblue Sunset pictures from 2 weeks ago in Charlotte :)

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2022.01.23 14:44 imchalk36 Druddigon - 6378 5488 7584

Going fast, it’s cold. 6378 5488 7584
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2022.01.23 14:44 js6seaj47 Petcock

I have a 2005 Dodge 2500 SLT Hemi, and the petcock came all the way out. Now of course it doesn't want to go back in. Suggestions?
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2022.01.23 14:44 zdapo Annotating efficiently

Hi, I'm just starting to use a Boox device and I love it so far, yet I find it a bit frustrating to take notes on a pdf document. While the note app allows to define marker presets, I don't see anything similar in the pdf reader, am I missing something? How do you do to efficiently annotate documents without always loosing 1min changing the pen/markecolor? I still have to find a routine, but I guess at least having a normal black pen and a yellow marker could be useful, and I would like to change between the two efficiently. Or is it possible to use (physical) pens with extra buttons configured to perform different actions?
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2022.01.23 14:44 SnowEternal I found my soulmate on Tinder after only using the app for 3 days last year.

To preface my post - I'm an extremely average guy as far as looks and hobbies go. I'm average height at 5'11. I'd say I'm a 7 on a good day, though most of the days I'm probably a 6. What I pride myself in is being kind and behaving the way that I'd like other people to behave towards me - although I never expect anything in return and I certainly don't act entitled about anything.
I've never tried dating much, my last "relationship" was at 19 in High School, relationship is in "" because I was still a kid and had so many issues to work through - mostly insecurity related. Today, I'm 24 and I've never been happier. I'm currently in my first adult relationship, and it couldn't be with a better person. We've met on Tinder, after I've only been using the app for 3 days!
She's the type of person I'd never even think about if I saw her on the street - but not in a negative way as this might sound, quite the opposite, as I'd instantly think she's way above my league. She's taller than me by a bit, she's gorgeous, smart, and overall a great person.
We're extremely happy together, she makes me feel wanted, attractive, and important. She doesn't bring out any of my past insecurities, if anything, she makes me feel like she'll just be here and like she isn't going anywhere. She makes me feel like I am the priority for her (of course, not to an unhealthy degree). We respect each other and fully support each others in our hobbies and other activities that we don't do together.
Reddit paints dating/relationships as such a pain. It paints Tinder in a very negative way, too, given that the overall majority of posts about it are "haha, funny one-liner" or "look at my negative experience". But from what I'm currently experiencing, dating is quite "easy" and approachable if you go in with healthy expectations - but in my opinion, the most important part, is going into dating when you've properly learned to like yourself. If you have unresolved issues and trauma, and especially if you have unresolved issues with yourself, you'll never be properly happy with someone else.
To bring this back to my initial paragraph, I know this is sort of a cliche to say these days - but being kind, polite, and respectful really does go the extra mile. If you're jaded/bitter, especially if you are young, it's extremely unappealing.
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2022.01.23 14:44 Stunning_One1005 For anyone who owns these (or dont but still know) what are the aspect ratios of these books? they dont seem to be the same as other hcs I have

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2022.01.23 14:44 Sylwithe Today I turn 44....

Today is my birthday and I am sitting at home.....reading reddit. Not because this is what I want to do but because I have nothing better to do. I can't stand being around people, but at the same time I am so fucking alone it's not funny.
My family disowned me when I joined the army. I used to be a part of a very active online community but that fell apart. I'm past the stupid thoughts but shit......does it ever get better?
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2022.01.23 14:44 Sylwithe Today I turn 44....

Today is my birthday and I am sitting at home.....reading reddit. Not because this is what I want to do but because I have nothing better to do. I can't stand being around people, but at the same time I am so fucking alone it's not funny.
My family disowned me when I joined the army. I used to be a part of a very active online community but that fell apart. I'm past the stupid thoughts but shit......does it ever get better?
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